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Luxury Candles In Tarleton

At Brambles And Heather we are sure it will come as no surprise that we love beautiful scents and want to bring luxury candles to Tarleton.  We have a couple of regular candle makers that we stock but we always try to keep changing the scents we have in store and bringing in guest brands to keep things interesting.  One thing we can guarantee is that we source the best luxury candles we can find.

Charles Farris

The Charles Farris name has always been synonymous with London candle manufacturing, British Culture and craftsmanship. Steeped in a heritage that dates back to 1845, Charles Farris still use the same traditional methods from the Victorian era to make the best candles for modern day – slow-burning, long lasting and of the highest quality.  Charles Farris is a proud Royal Warrant holder to the Queen.  The candles are blended with unique essential oils and fragrances meant to relax, comfort, and inspire you

The Signature Tin range put a modern twist on traditional British scents.  Burn – up to 45 hours.

The Signature Candle Range are hand poured into beautifully textured glass these candles. Burn – up to 50 hours.

P. F. Candle Co.

P.F.’s mission is to create high-end quality products at accessible price points, making fragrance an everyday luxury at home and anywhere you go. All of their products are designed, produced, and shipped from Southern California by a team of forty-three.  The formula for these soy candles is simple: 100% domestically grown soy wax, fragrance oil, and a cotton core wick. The fine fragrance oils used are made of a blend of both naturally and synthetically developed ingredients.  P.F. use 100% soy wax.  They do not blend with paraffin or other waxes meaning it’s a renewable resource and carbon neutral.

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